New Hymn to be Sung at Centenary Celebrations

A brand new hymn has been written in celebration of the centenary of St Ninian's Church in Douglas. The words and music have been penned by regular congregation member Mr Peter Newbold.

The hymn which has been practiced by the congregation will be sung in public properly for the first time this coming Sunday 22 September. In a service of Evening Prayer partly re-enacting the service of dedication held in March 1913. The service commences at 3:00pm and is a culmination of a week of celebration that began on St Ninian's Day last Monday (16 September).

It is said of that first service held in the church, 'The church was dedicated to divine service with all due pomp and ceremony on Tuesday, March 25th 1913. The public assembled in droves, and although the service was advertised to commence at three o'clock, the church was packed by 2-40. It would have needed another St. Ninian's to accommodate all the people who sought admission. For this remarkable attendance many thanks are due to the exceptionally fine weather, for the sun shone in all its glory, and there was hardly a breath of wind. A Union Jack floated from the tower, and the ringing of the bell, with its first call of the faithful to worship, had a spirit of joyousness which well harmonised with the beauty of Nature.'

It is hoped that as many as possible will attend for this special event celebrating Christian presence and mission in the parish for 100 years and join in the singing of this wonderful new hymn, the words of which are below.

Centenary Hymn

St Ninian's Church are we
since nineteen one and three.
Members all together
on this our centenary.

Always we're glad to see
guests in our company.
Friends and all are welcome
to this our ceremony

This is our great celebration
everyone here will say.
Festive in our jubilation
in friendship sharing today.

The imposing church of St Ninian
built by the Noble's Trustee
dedicated to all God's service
and supported faithfully.

Within these walls erected
all blessings God will bestow.
High above its stately tower
He guides us here below.


The Reverend Disney Woodhouse
Vicar from nineteen one three.
Licensed by the Lord Bishop
for religious ceremony.

A hundred years of worship
of devotions and constancy
and today the Reverend Coldwell
Leads us untiringly


Ever we'll cherish the memory
of this our jubilee
(Slowly) To past and present - we thank you
in every sincerity.


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