Carols and Christingles by Candlelight

The ever popular Carols and Christingle by Candlelight service saw the church full with people of all ages from babes in arms to, brothers and sisters, mums, dads, carers grandparents and great grandparents. Carols were sung and the story of Christ's birth was retold from scratch with young and old alike dressing as shepherds, angels and even a donkey!
The Nativity story building up... (Photo: Marilyn Payne)
Following more carols and prayers led by the young people's group 'Connected' the Christingles were distributed and lit and the lights turned down low as the meaning of the Christingle was told. Then followed the carols by candlelight before the final blessing and everyone excitedly heading off into the evening.
Carols by candlelight... (Photo: Marilyn Payne)

Oh and the donkey!

(Photo: Marilyn Payne)


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